About nothing

I want to say something about nothing, cause if i talk about nothing, nothing is something. I want to say something about nothing, I want to say “nothing is nothing” cause if I think about nothing, nothing Is something. Do you understand me? Nothing doesn’t exist, is nothing, you can’t imagine the nothing, you just can imagine a black deep wall in a specific time, but nothing is nothing, doesn’t have time, shape, color. Nothing doesn’t exist, if there’s nothing you can’t be, so you can’t see nothing you can’t taste nothing, you can’t touch nothing. Nothing is nothing but If I think about nothing nothing is something, I create a form of nothing and nothing dies in my nothing – with a form, point of view, etc – now is something, my form of nothing. So I have a think about nothing, and nothing becomes something: the nothing. But nothing it isn’t, is nothing. And nothing is nothing and something. Do you understand me?

Voglio dire qualcosa sul nulla, perché se parlo del nulla, il nulla diventa qualcosa e bla bla bla…, bla bla bla…ci siamo capiti.

Eugenio Pizzolo

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